"Natural power? – Yes please" − a movement for the efficient use of wood as a source of energy.

1.Why was the "Natural power? – Yes please" movement founded?

Everyone is talking about sustainability - we want to promote it.

Industrial nations are moving out of atomic energy as fast as they can. The German government's energy concept vigorously promotes renewable fuels. New standards arise in the wake of the Kyoto Agreement. The world-wide issue of climate protection and thus the obligation to reduce the greenhouse gas CO2 has become the absolute declared priority of politics. Everyone is talking about "sustainability" and "energy efficiency".  This is where wood, as a renewable natural fuel, comes in. The climate-friendly and efficient conversion of the energy stored in wood (logs/pellets) deserves more attention and support: not only now, but more than ever in the future.

2.What does the Natural power symbol stand for?

It stands for a movement that supports climate-friendly energy efficiency.

The symbol "Natural power? – Yes please" was invented as the positive counterpart of the well-known sticker "Atomkraft? Nein Danke" ("Atomic power? No thank you") to highlight the ecological advantages of energy from the renewable source, wood. By using wood as a source of energy, this Natural power symbol appeals to popular feeling. Nevertheless, as a regenerative source of energy, wood must remain affordable. Here we lead the way to energy efficiency because compared with an open fireplace, one closed off by a glass ceramic panel reduces wood consumption by half. Every stove with a glass ceramic panel is a small, personal contribution to environmental protection and one which becomes immediately effective.

3.What makes wood the obvious choice as a natural source of power?

It is always available, it is always within easy reach, and it is always climate-friendly.

In Europe, the supply of wood is virtually unlimited thanks to sustained forestry practices. A reliable supply and autonomy are ensured. A responsible attitude to the environment requires heating to be well planned. Wood − provided it has been dried and stored for at least two years − burns most efficiently in an enclosed fireplace and virtually without generating fine particles.

4.What are the movement's aims?

Heating in harmony with Nature.

Fire has been mankind's source of energy for thousands of years. In future, a healthy environment will become more important than ever. The "Natural power? – Yes please" movement has made harmonization of the two its goal. By using wood as the efficient natural source of energy, we can hand down a fire culture and environmental protection to the coming generation. We have genuinely convincing arguments to support this which will impact every end-consumer and some business interest groups as well.

5.Who founded the movement?

It is the glass ceramic panel that makes wood an efficient fuel in the first place.

Wood as a natural fuel used in enclosed fireplaces satisfies current high standards and trends such as the energy turnaround and the re-emergence of home as the "safe haven". It was from this that the "Natural power? – Yes please" idea developed. Wood as a natural fuel used in enclosed fireplaces satisfies current high standards and trends such as the energy turnaround and the re-emergence of home as the "safe haven". It was from this that the "Natural power? – Yes please" idea developed. Inventor of the movement is SCHOTT ROBAX®, a leading manufacturer of glass ceramic panels for fireplaces.

 Increasing sales of glass ceramic panels have a positive side effect since fireplaces (stoves) with such panels reduce the amount of wood needed and this benefits all of us! Naturally, SCHOTT ROBAX® too.

6. Who can join "Natural power? – Yes please"?

Membership in the movement is essentially voluntary.

Not everyone is yet aware of the "Natural power? – Yes please" movement which was established by SCHOTT ROBAX® for the good of the entire branch. But now, in the wake of Fukushima, the reasons for turning voluntarily to a sustainable way of thinking are more convincing than ever. So anyone can promote the "Natural power? – Yes please" movement and use it for their own personal purposes. www.naturalpower-yes-please.us.

Membership in the "Natural power? movement is essentially voluntary. It is a genuine movement that one can join or not, to which one can give space for communication or not.